We took over Dirty Dog Grooming over 3 years ago after the previous owners just left. Itwas an upward battle at first because they did not have a good reputation and my mission was to bring the community back with confidence, and that's when "We treat your pet like our own!" was born. It's not a slogan just to make people feel confortable with us but much more. We have always had pets growing up and all have been rescues. Anybody who knows anything about taking care of a rescue understands that a bond of safety and trust is most important to a healthy homelife for a rescue. Sometimes its a long road, but it is always worth it. That's what we bring with us everyday so that you and your pet can put your trust in us without worrying or undo stress. Just a great haircut at a very competitive rate and a happy pet.

My name is Denise Wooley and I am the owner/operator of Dirty Dog Grooming since I took it over in 2012. I have been grooming dogs professionally for 20+ years, and I am skilled in grooming all types of dogs. We at the Wooley household have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russell mixes who are sisters and 1 French Bulldog. The house is a 50/50 split between canines and humans. One for me, one for my husband and one for my 6 year old son. But if it was up to my son we would have many, many more!! So know that you know about me, I look forward to meeting each and everyone who comes thru my shop door.

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